Ambers awesome adventures!


Note: Amber is a tom cat not a she cat!

Book one. Chapter one: the chosen 2



A ginger tabby cat ran through the forest. He hesitated for a moment and sniffed the air, picked up a scent of another cat chasing him, and then started running once again. Then the cat that was chasing him pounced on him from behind. He looked up at the familiar face. “Brother!” said the the ginger cat. “Where have you been Amber?!” the other cat blurted out. “Out hunting until you started chasing me!” replied Amber. “Well, let’s get back to the clearing…” “But Soul!” Then Amber remembered something: his brother was stronger and older than him. So he changed his mind immediately. “FINE!” Amber moaned. So the two cats trotted back to their clearing where the rest of the family was eating. “Lets get some food,” said Soul. Then, they slept under a damp tree at night. In the morning Amber’s mother came and talked to him and Soul. “Listen… You two have to go on an adventure with…” Ambers mum explained where they had to go. “For our MYSTICAL GEMS!” Finished their mother. “WE HAD MYSTICAL GEMS!?” Questioned Soul. “yes.” replied his mother. “They were stolen a long time ago.” Soul looked at Amber and smiled. Amber smiled back. “Lets GO!” shouted Soul, Already running into the dark forest. “Wait  for me!” said Amber.


Chapter two: Still.


A cold breeze spat on Amber’s face. “Pah! What’s this stuff?” asked Amber. “It’s a leaf.” answered Soul. The wind came to a sudden stop. Amber heard a cracking sound and bark fell off a tree. “Err… do you ever get the feeling were being watched?” Asked Soul with a scared voice. Amber could smell nothing but Soul’s fear scent. “In times like this, yes.” replied Amber steadily. Trying not to be scared. It was very foggy. But Amber could just make out 2 tiny red eyes staring at him. “I was right.” said Soul. The tiny red eyes were coming closer to Amber and Soul. Then Amber saw the black body that belonged to the creature. “Phew! It’s just a little bug.” said Amber. “It’s just a little bug that has fangs that inject venom into you!” Soul spat. “how the heck do you know that?!” Asked Amber, his voice trembling. “Uh, Well… There are green drops of venom dripping from its fangs. So we should…” “RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They ran any direction they could. They also tried not to bash into trees. And soon they found themselves at a bottom of a cliff. “We should climb it. Mum told us to, remember?” “OOOOHHHH YEAH I REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!” said Soul so loudly that Amber took a step back. Hmm… thought Amber. How are we supposed to do this?


Chapter three: Something dumb happens!              


“Follow me!” said Amber. He jumped onto a boulder. Then another, and another. He kept glancing over his shoulder to see if Soul was following. There still was a long way to go. Amber and Soul didn’t stop until they puffed out. “Huff puff” they gasped. Soul looked up. “just two more boulders to go.”  He said. They rested for a bit. Then Amber sprung up. “It’s time to finish this mountain!” He said. He leaped onto the last boulder with courage, then Soul followed. Amber stepped onto the top of the mountain. He looked across it. Soul came up too and saw a giant slide to get down the other way. They steadily made they’re way to the slide. When they were almost there, Amber tripped!!! He held onto the steep side with his claws. “AAAGH!” Amber was shocked, but that didn’t stop him from fighting for his life! “Grab on!” Said Soul in panic, as he held out a paw to Amber. “I can’t! I don’t have hands like humans!” Amber shouted. “Then use your claws!” Soul blurted out. “But that will hurt you!” Said Amber. “Do it anyway!” Amber pressed his claws onto Souls arms and grabbed. “AAAGH!” Soul yowled as he heaved Amber to his paws. “I’m bleeding!” Said Soul. Amber looked around. Then he flicked paw up and had a brain spew! He found cobwebs beside him. He also saw a mini tree sticking out of the mountain. So he got the sap and the cobwebs, then put the sap on the cobwebs, and pressed them onto Soul’s cuts and the bleeding stopped. He had made a healing strategy!


Chapter four: Down and then… Who are they!?


Amber and Soul walked across the mountain until they finally got to the slide. Soul was up first. He jumped on the slide and slid down. Amber followed. When they were at the bottom, There was a slight hill. They went up until they saw something… something that they were not expecting. TWO OTHER CATS! One Ginger like Amber, and the other cat was Sleek and black. They were looking at Amber and Soul directly in the eyes. Then Amber and Soul saw two smiles. “Hello!!” Said the two other cats. The ginger one came up and said: “Hi! I’m Shell, And this is Shade, He’s my brother!” Soul and Amber looked at each other. Soul came up and said: “Hello, I’m soul and this is Amber.” Said Soul. “Er, Me and Shade are lost.” We went out hunting but then we couldn’t find our way home!” “Wait. So There are Other clans of cats around here?” Said Amber. “Yep!” Said Shade. “Where do you guys live?” Asked Amber. “Behind the calm forest, But we don’t know where it is. Remember?” Said Shell.  “Hey!” said Amber “Me and Soul live IN the calm forest!” “Do you know where it is? Could you take us there?” asked Shell. “Just after we finish our quest. Would you like to come? Asked soul. “YES!” Shell and Shade exclaimed.  Amber and Soul explained what they had to do for what and where.


Chapter five: The daintree

The four cats made there way through the planes. But soon, they all stopped. They could see something helpful. A RAINFOREST! They didn’t stop to talk. They just dashed in. Then they stopped and saw another cat! Amber couldn’t believe his eyes she looked so friendly! She was sitting up looking at the sky and muttering something. Amber accidentally stepped on a twig and broke it. CRACK! The she cat turned around and let out a yowl. “Yikes!” She blurted out. “Hey hey hey, It’s fine, where just passing through.” Said Soul. “Phew! I thought you were some other cats I know.” “What other cats?” Asked Amber, As he narrowed his eyes. “Well, uh, Umm, That doesn’t matter right now, but thanks for asking.” Amber didn’t understand why she made a nice compliment to him for no reason. “We’d Better be on our way.” Shade said “but we didn’t catch your name.” “My name is Root, And, is it ok if I come with you?” “YEAH! That would be awesome!” Amber Said happily. Everyone looked at Amber in confusement. Except for Root. She was smiling. They made their way through the rainforest until they finally got out. The sun was setting, Shell found a cave and they all went to sleep. In the morning, Amber Got up and saw Root looking at the sky muttering the same words she had been saying in the rainforest. “Uh, hey… er, Do you want to go hunting with me?” Asked Amber. “What? Who said that!? Oh it’s just you. I would love to come!” So Amber and Root went out hunting and they brought back quite a bit of prey! When they got back they smiled at each other.

Chapter 6: The Skyscraper  

Note: this is the last chapter and it is extra long.


Amber, Soul, Root, Shell, And Shade Went across the planes… But then they came across the most dangerous obstacle they Had discovered yet. “That.. That can’t be that!” Soul Shouted. “Oh yes it can. I know this place it’s the biggest human place ever known to cat. The CITY!” Exclaimed Root Amber stared at one skyscraper. It was shining at the top. Amber looked closer. He saw something. GEMS! “There! There!” He shouted. “I See em!” “See what?” asked Shell. “THE MYSTICAL GEMS!” “What? Where?” Asked Soul. Amber explained where He saw them. “Wow!” They all said at the same time. “Well, C’mon!” Said Amber. They All trotted to the city and stared up at the skyscraper. There were some steps To get up to the top. “Lucky we won’t go inside!” Said Shade. The 5 cats made their way up the stairs and soon they came to the top. There lay the mystical gems. Suddenly! An orange one and a grey one came out of the pile. The orange one slammed into amber and turned white. Then the grey one slammed in to Soul and turned white. “So I guess we take these home now.” said Soul. Then Amber and soul flashed in a blaze of light. “Hmm.” I think there should be something guarding these…” said Root. Rumble rumble…   “What was that?!” Exclaimed Shell. “It sounds like it’s coming up the skyscraper!” said Amber. Then it showed itself. It was a giant robot that looked like it had quite a few tricks up his sleeve! It was standing on the side of the building.  It let out a mighty roar.“GAAAAAAAH!” And one of its hands turned into a minigun. “Uh oh!” Root was already attacking. She rushed toward the robot. The robot shot at her but she dodged the bullets! Then she sprang at it, clung onto his head, then started scratching. After that she pounced back. The robot focused it’s gun on Root for revenge. “Root! watch out!” Shouted Amber. But it was too late. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” then she lay down. Amber rushed over. Root was still alive, but she was dying. “NOOOO!” Amber yowled. “DON’T DIE!… Our time together… was… too… short.” “What the hell is he doing?!” Laughed Soul. “He’s grieving.” Replied Shade. Amber stopped shedding tears and said under his breath: “That was awkward”  Suddenly! The glow that had been there before in Amber came back, stronger than ever! “All right stupid machine! Get ready to get your butt kicked!” Amber did not understand how those words came out of his mouth on their own… Was the gem giving him power? The Robot looked at Amber. The robot pointed a rocket launcher at Amber. KABLAM! He shot a Amber five times but Amber stood up on his hind legs and did the matrix dodge 5 times! The Robot shot at Amber one more time, But Amber did not dodge. this time he jumped on top of the rocket in midair and his claws turned to pure amber! Then he jumped off the rocked and thrusted his paws at the robot. Ambers claws detached and flew at the robot followed by a trail of fire! Then his claws immediately grew back. Amber landed on the building and the robot’s head fell off. The robot tumbled to the foot of the building with a big CRASH! “Sweet!” said Amber He turned to his friends. “WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST SEE YOU DOING!?” Yowled Soul. “Blah blah blah, We can talk about that later, But Soul, What about your glow. will you get power? Huh?”


THE END to be continued!