Dragon Adventures

Dragon adventures

Book one:

Light fury island

CHAPTER ONE: introduced!


Hello and welcome to my first story about dragons… this story is about me, Midnight, and Lavender.

We like to go on adventures. On our first one, we meet another light fury Mary and ask her to join.      

RING! RING! “God damn it, I hate that bell so much. OH, hello there I am Shadow the night fury. I usually hang out with my 2 friends: Midnight, he is not quite the high sky flying type. But he is still a night fury! And then there’s Lavender the light fury. This girl is the De evolution of me and Midnight.” light fury, and then night fury.” “Looks like you could use some help with introducing me and Lavender.” said Midnight. “No no no I’m done with that stuff.”

Chapter two: The first adventure


Just then, Lavender came up to me and Midnight. All battered and bruised. “ What happened to you Lavender?” I said. “You guys are not going to believe this.” said Lavender “Seeing is believing!” I say. “lead the way Lavender!” So me, Lavender and Midnight, set off on our first adventure together.


On the way, Lavender said: “hey guys, you know why I looked bruised?”   “Why?” Midnight asked. “because of that!” she pointed to a volcano island and a cave.

“So it’s dust we were talking about!” I say. “Pretty much.” Said Lavender. “Well there’s a stream over there, so you can splash in and out we’ll meet at that cave over there.” I say. “thanks guys!” said Lavender.

Chapter three: triangles on the inside


I didn’t want to give away my secret. Instead I said: “hello Lavender, Your looking very clean.” “what’s with the attitude Shadow?” said Lavender starting to walk around me, suspiciously. “Ooh, time to change the subject! You always wished to take sharper turns just when you are just about to hit something. Right?” asked Lavender.  “What about it?” I asked back. Lavender put a hand on my back. Triangles sprung up from my tail to my head “now you can take sharper turns!”… you see, wishes come true if you just ask me!”

“Guys! Listen! can you hear that?” said Midnight. It sounds like the volcano is starting to rev up!”

“Wait the volcano is totally deactivated! So it can’t do that!” he said. “It’s my heartbeat, really loud at the moment.” I said. “I noticed.” giggled Lavender


Chapter four: on the way.

Inside the deep dark cave came a different rumble! “The volcano is totally going to explode This time!” exclaimed Lavender. “You can say that again!” said Midnight. “RUN! I CAN’T STRESS THAT ENOUGH!” I say, as loud as I can. Me and Midnight got hit by the fire coming through the tunnel. Lavender grabbed us and somehow shot a plasma blast and went into it! When me and Midnight woke up I asked: “how did you do that?!” fascinated. “It’s something we light furys can do” she said “you mean there are more of you?”asked Midnight. “That’s why I brought you guys here. It’s not just any volcano island, it’s LIGHT FURY ISLAND!! I’ll show you around. So she showed us around. Soon we came up to a house. A light fury came out of the door. She looked around. “LAVENDER!” she said “AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!”  “Hi Mary!” replied Lavender. Midnight was lovestruck. Trying not to drool, he managed to say to Mary: “H-hello…” “What is this very handsome night fury called?” asked Mary. “I can hear y-” Midnight fainted.“His name is Midnight. Said Lavender. “A friend of mine” “Cool name.” replied Mary. “I know what your thinking, Mary!”


chapter five:  stories combined

A portal appeared. “What?” said Midnight, as he woke up from his dream. A handsome ginger tom cat came out and said: “I am Firepaw, warrior.” “OMG! I AM SUCH A BIG FAN OF YOU!! I shouted. Then more portals appeared. With more characters! “Ok guys.”Said Lavender. “There are generators beside the portals, me and Shadow will take out the 2 on the front, Midnight and Mary will take out the back 2.” “this is harder than I thought!” I said. Boom! Pow! Zap! Bam! The characters got sucked into the portals turned off. Then a huge alive portal appeared. “HAHAHA! WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!!!!!! He zapped a lightning bolt at us. ZAP! It hit the ground.Then we saw a force field on the generator. Then we saw a mini reinforced Generator behind it. “Concentrate your fire on the mini generator!” I say. We all did. Soon… KABOOM!! The mini generator exploded. And the big generators forcefield shut down. We all looked at each other. Now we were concentrating our fire on the big generator. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” screeched the big portal. soon…  WAKAM!!!!!!!! BOOF! BAFF! Sssssssssssss. “WE DID IT!” cried Lavender. “And it’s all thanks to you, Lavender”… I say. “Oh stop it you!” Lavender tried to hide her blushing.



“Come with me, Midnight.” said Mary. Mary and Midnight walked down to a nearby beach and sat down, staring at the sunset, and talking about who knows what. “That’s the last time we’ll see them today.” Said Lavender. “Yep” I reply. We lied down for a while. And then at night, me and Lavender went for a Midnight stargazing walk. We were also having a chat about what adventures we would have tomorrow…


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