Dragon Adventures 2

Dragon adventures 2

Into minecraft

Chapter one: Discover minecraft

“Yawn! Guys! Wake up!” I said, as soft as I could. “What is it, Shadow?” asked Lavender. “Remember when we were outside discussing adventures for today?” “yeah? Have you got an idea!?” asked Lavender, getting even more excited and curious. “WERE GOING INTO MINECRAFT!”Image result for steve with a sword minecraft

I shouted. Midnight and Mary woke up, “how are we supposed to to that?” asked Midnight. “THIS!” I show a cool computer outside. On top of it, it said: N+L gaming! It stands for night fury+light fury gaming! “DAM SON!  WERE DID YOU FIND THIS?!” asked Midnight. “Well, I made this with my father when I was a boy. It will take us to MINECRAFT!” “Ok lets goooo!”

Chapter two

Minecraft materials

We have landed and it’s in the planes. “Ok lets get some wood to start of with!” chop! Chop! chop! “Uh, what’s this I just created? Asked Mary. “That is a crafting table. Easy to make but one of the most useful things in the game!” replied Midnight.                                                                “Everybody got an axe and a pickaxe?” I asked. “Yes!” everybody replied. “Ok, follow me!” “we’ll find ro-” Lavender has made an achievement. (getting an upgrade!) “ok, lets get some rock too!” so we got some rock and made some improvements on our stuff. By that, I mean making rock stuff. “Uh Shadow, what’s that thing you made?” said Lavender. “That? That’s a sword, I could make you one!” “no no have a recipe book!”

Chapter three: when darkness falls


“Everybody got a sword?” I ask. “Yes and what are we even using swords for?” asked Lavender. “You’ll see!” I say “uh, hey man, hate to break it to you but the sun is setting, and you know what that means.” said Midnight. “I know, get ready to fight mobs!” I say. “Uh, what exactly are mobs?” asked Mary. “Well they’re monsters. Zombies, creepers, skeletons, and spiders.” replied Midnight.So we sliced and diced the mobs until morning!“Let’s make a mine!” said Midnight. “Ok!” we all say. We were mining for a little while. Then… “what’s this?” asked Lavender. “IT’S IRON! DIG IN EVERYBODY!” Midnight shouts with excitement. “We can make better stuff with this!” I say. Soon we made full armour sets, pickaxes, and swords!


Chapter four: mob fighter

We were having so much fun that I sang a song about it to my friends!

Playing Minecraft,
here with my best friends.
Getting good now, 

the party never ends.
We got some weapons,
some armour and some food.
I’ve seen the nether,
I’m not a total noob.
he  looked at me as a zombie past by,
there was two spiders and that skeleton guy.
And then I took them out with couple of swings.
My buddy’s started laughing saying “man you a
and I said,
I’m just a mob fighter!
Fighting mobs is what I do!
fight them like a good miner!
Excuse me while I fight this one too!
I killed a bunny.
I guess I have no shame.
I found it funny,
to watch him die in vain.
It’s like a passion,
I have no self control.
down deep inside my soul.
I hunt them down on the land or the sea,
I’m a… cold killer with a killing degree,
take their… dropped items that they leave on the
there’s no… hiding place here when I am around!
I’m just a mob fighter!
Fighting mobs is what I do!
fight them like a good miner!
Excuse me while I fight this one too!
There’s nothing wrong building.
Give me house or two-o-o-o-o!
Mining is not fulfilling.
Cuz fighting is what I do.
I’m just a mob fighter!
Fighting mobs is what I do!
fight them like a good miner!
Excuse me while I fight this one too!
I’m just a mob fighter!
Fighting mobs is what I do!
fight them like a good miner!
Excuse me while I fight this one too!


 Chapter five:diamonds


Just then Mary saw something shiny in the mines. Something blue! “Dam son” said Mary. “I’VE HIT THE DIAMOND JACKPOT! “C’mon, there’s no such thing as (the diamond jackpot!) replied Midnight. “Come and see then!” said Mary. We all went to see. It was a cave full of diamonds. “Yes!!!” say. Two hours later… “guys this is what we have!? Full diamond armour! 30 ender eyes each! So much more!” “you know what that means!”  I

  Said. “yes” said Midnight. “WE ARE GOING TO GO TO THE END TO SEE THE ENDER DRAGON!!!!!!!”Related image

Chapter six: the end

We let an ender eye go! It went to the ground and popped. Let’s dig! I say so we dug down until we found a portal with lava. “Let’s put the ender eyes in!” after that. The lava turned into a portal.  We jumped in like there was no tomorrow. “Whoa!” said Mary! As she jumped in. Soon we arrived. We saw the ender dragon. “CHARGE!!” said Midnight. “WAIT!!!!!!!!!” I say. “HE IS ONE OF US! WE CAN’T JUST KILL HIM!” exclaimed Lavender. “She is right.” agreed Mary. “Don’t just stand there! Let’s say hi!” I said. So we walked up to him. “He growled. “Stay away!” he said. “What is he guarding?” asked Mary “shhh” I shhh.  “WE ARE NIGHT FURY’S AND LIGHT FURY’S. WE COME IN PEACE. WE CAME HERE TO VISIT YOU!” I said. “Very well then.” we said. careful! It was an egg.Image result for ender dragon egg But suddenly, it started to crack! “It’s hatching!” whispered the ender dragon. BOOF! Out came a baby ender dragon. “Papa?” he said “yes, papa.” replied the ender dragon. “You can go now.” sad the ender dragon. “BYE!!!!!” we all say.    


Chapter sevin: wither


“Hey guys” said Midnight, we collected 4 soul sand and 3 wither skeleton heads back from the nether. “I want to make a sculpture.” he said. “OK” we said. He made it outside of his room. First, he put the 4 soul sand in a T shape. Then he put the 3 wither skeleton heads on top.SUDDENLY! A medium sized mob that looked like this: 

Image result for wither


  Appeared.  It gave a hiss. Then, an explosion around it happened. It was heading straight to Mary. It spat a wither skeleton head at her. She didn’t have time to dodge. She was hit. “AHHHHHH!” she yelped. “No no no! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “he said to Mary. But it was too late a cloud of dust flew around her. She was gone. She woke up in the real world because it was virtual reality.

“I started this.” said Midnight “and now i’m going to end it. YAAAAAAAAAAA! “The wither hissed. And spat 2 wither skeleton heads at him he used them like stepping stones. He was doing a flip on each one! Then on the last flip. He stabbed the wither right in the middle head! The wither exploded. And then Mary appeared! She was back!!!!!



   A nether portal appeared in front of us. It was strong with obsidian. So we didn’t bother to break it. On top of it it said: WAY OUT. “let’s go in!” yelled Midnight. We all agree on going in. SUDDENLY! We were getting sucked closer to the portal. “Looks like we don’t have to jump in ourselves!” said Midnight. SOON… we were at Mary’s house. on the ground! we look out the window and it was dark. we went to sleep.